Rahu Dosha Upay-Remedies

According to Hindu Astrology, Rahu is known by the names such as Tamas, Svarbhanu, Simhikeya, Vidhuntuda, Asra-pisaca , Graha kallola, Sirsaka and Upaplava. A person suffering from Rahu Dosha faces a large number of troubles and problems in his or her life. In order to remove the ill – effects, which are severe in Rahu Dosha, it is better to do the upaya for this dosha from Rahu Dosha Expert. According to Hindu mythology, in one day between sunrise and sunset, there is one and half hour which is known as Rahu Kaal. Any auspicious work or new business should not be started at this period of time. It will not give the good results.

So, the main question which can appears in a person’s head is “What is Rahu Dosha?”

Rahu Dosha arises when all the planets in the kundali of a person come between Rahu, which is called the snake’s head and Ketu, which is dragon’s tail. Rahu is the reason for eclipses from sun or moon. So the presence of Rahu Dosha has very unpleasant effects as all the planets get surrounded by the serpent and thus lose all the good impacts to great extend which makes the person very unlucky, creates problems and delays many important events or aspects of life. A person born with Rahu Dosha passes through sufferings and agonies throughout their life.

Some of the bad effects of Rahu Dosha can be as follows:

  • The person may suffer physical pains, emotional and psychological stress.
  • The person may have to face situations which may become the reason for their defame or embarrassment.
  • The person may remain illiterate and they will not get success in work place as well.
  • Children may suffer and there may be separation from their children.
  • The person will have to keep themselves away from poisons and weapons.
  • The person may have to suffer because of thieves and powerful persons in his or her life.

So, a person facing Rahu Dosha may have to endure a lot of pain and stress in their life. But someone may wonder that whether there is cure of this type of problem. The answer is yes.

You just have to contact the experiences astrologer in India who has dealt with these kinds of problems all the time. He has been practicing astrology throughout their life. Astrologer Shri Krishan Kant Shastri Ji is a Rahu Dosha Expert. He has removing the bad effects from people’s life and making their world better place to live.

Some of the remedies which he can provide you to remove or lessen the effects of Rahu Dosha are:

  • Donating in Charity
  • Do Fasting on Saturday.
  • Offering black flowers in hawan or pooja will appease Rahu.
  • Donating black blanket or blue cloth to some needy person and also using black blanket for self brings favours from Rahu.

So, if you have rahu dosha in your kundali and you are facing various troubles in your life, you can contact Shri Krishan Kant Shastri Ji in India and get all the solutions to your problems.